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Getting started
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Getting started

Welcome to Planday, we're happy to see you here. You'll start building powerful integrations to Planday, by using our API, in no time! Read about the basics below and then browse through the documentation to learn more about integrating to Planday and explore our APIs.

The basics

  • Access to the Planday's API is secured by a standard Oauth2 flow with a bearer token (Authorization Code flow). Learn more under Authentication.
  • Planday's REST api follows the standard structure of handling entity ID in the JSON response model. All request and response data have to be in JSON.
  • All endpoints come with pagination and return a max of 50 records per page. If you handle your API calls using offset, you should be good to go. Please be aware that some endpoints do not return a total. Instead, you have to make sure your code identifies whether you have to query for more pages.
  • In order to prevent unintended issues, our default rate limits will ensure top performing environments.
    • Requests per second: 500
    • Requests per minute: 10000
  • Are you a customer or technology partner? You need to manage your API application from a Planday portal under Settings > API Access. If you want to become a Technology partner, please reach out to to get your Planday demo portal. Then, read more about how to set up your business to customize your portal and create a basic set of dummy data.

Explore APIs

  • Go to the APIs section in the top menu. From there you can explore our APIs by navigating in the API menu on the left-hand side.
  • Download our Postman collection and example environment and quickly get up and running to try out our API.