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Become a Product Partner and get your app certified

Thank you for your interest in integrating to Planday and using our APIs to build powerful apps that leverage the power of Plandays workforce collaboration platform.

To become a Product Partner you will have to follow some steps and make sure that your integration meets a few requirements. Once certified, feel free to make some noise about your integration.

Here are the steps and requirements for getting the certification.

1) Build your integration with Planday

Before you start coding, please check out our API documentation. The Getting Started section will get you up and running with all the info you need to work with our API and integrate with Planday. Also, in the Guides menu, you can find helpful how-to articles for the most common use cases for integrations with Planday. We encourage you to also check out the Planday Help Center to get to know some of the basic features and functionality of Planday.

From our API documentation, follow the guide for Authorisation flow for Product Partners Authorisation flow for Product Partners and include the Connect to Planday flow in your system, for a seamless authentication experience. You will have to create an API app for the OAuth2 flow. To create your API app, you need a Planday demo portal. Reach out to us at to get a demo portal, if you don't have one.

We recommend that you create both a test app and a production app, which you will use when going live with the integration. Please tick the “Become a partner” checkbox when creating your production app.

//Then, get coding//...

2) Run a pilot test with Planday customers

Now you should validate the integration in a live environment, with a few customers. This is also an opportunity to resolve any problems, before a full release. We require that a min. of 2 customers on a paid Planday subscription connect and run the integration. We may send out a simple survey to the customers to ensure the quality of the integration and we may request additional adjustments to the integration, if necessary.

3) Demo your integration for us

It’s time to start the review process. First, you will have to demo your integration on your Planday demo account. Please contact us at to book a timeslot for your demo.

You will have to clearly state the use cases for your integration and demonstrate how the integration supports these cases. Please keep in mind that we may request that you implement adjustments to the integration, if necessary.

4) Have support documentation, that provides sufficient support for easy onboarding

To assist our customers in an easy integration onboarding, you will have to create support documentation. The support documentation needs to be publicly accessible, so our internal teams can direct our customers (and through the integration, yours) to it. Please make sure the documentation is continuously updated and in line with any adjustments you might introduce to the integration.

We recommend that your support documentation includes:

  • Dataflow diagram

    • Make a diagram that clearly states which direction the data flows between the systems and what data is supported. Make it easy for customers to get a high-level understanding of the integration.
  • Setup guide

    • Clearly guide the user through the steps required to set up the integration, and show where the integration can be set up, how to authenticate and configure the integration.
    • Use screenshots, so that the customers can easily see where and how to navigate through the setup.
  • FAQ

    • Based on your pilot tests, you might have some valuable knowledge about the integration that will help other customers setting up or troubleshooting the integration.
    • Include any known limitations and try to anticipate questions our mutual customers might have when getting started.

5) Register to certify your app

Now, you should have all relevant information about your app ready to share with us, to get the certification for your integration. To complete the certification process, please reach out to us at and we will send you a form to fill in the details needed for our internal teams, as well as for listing the integration, within Planday (on the Integration's page).

Once approved, you will receive an email confirming that your app is certified.

If you're looking to spread the word about your new app, here are some additional steps for you:

6) Promote your integration

Congrats on getting your integration certified! Now go and create some buzz about it on your favorite channels! When possible, feel free to tag Planday or use the Planday Connected App logo (included in the certification).